“Rest” by Tyese Chumov

Sin is lost The lost are found By his grace Where love abounds The flesh is weak  The heart is sore Here I wait To hear the roar My Lord my God My solid stone Can you take  What has been thrown? You are the One, you are my own You hear my heart Beat … Continue reading “Rest” by Tyese Chumov

Trust and Obey

Arise and behold the Maker is calling Take up your pack and go why are you stalling? "Trust and obey" they say "to be happy in Jesus" But do we trust? Do we obey? Or do we think there is another way? There is only one way He says very clearly Sometimes it may seem … Continue reading Trust and Obey

The Path up the Mountain

Do cliffs speak? Only if you listen dear Do mountains whisper? Only if you stay to hear But is it the earth speaking? Or is it the maker? Do you take the time to chase The wonderfulness of the creator? Too often we make the excuse That time there is not enough Or a device … Continue reading The Path up the Mountain