Meet Becca

Hi there! I’m Becca and I believe in Jesus, best friends, and the great outdoors. I’m a 20-year-old PNW girl born ‘n’ raised, and I currently live on a sweet farm in the little town of Chewelah, Washington. My life goal is to pursue a passion for God, and compassion for people. This platform is just the beginning of a grand adventure to glorify our Savior!

Passion for Jesus & compassion for people


A little bit more about me: I’m a hat juggler! Some of my hats include firefighting, farming, nutrition, fitness, writing, and art. I also work full-time as a Natural Resource Technician at my local Conservation District.

A few things I love are: summer nights, good laughs, and great views. And I’ll never turn down a good taco salad or a foamy latte. Calligraphy & writing are some of my delights, and I pray that my creations encourage and inspire my customers to lean into God as we all travel through life together.

A question I am asked frequently is, “How did you start?”

I am often asked how or when I started calligraphy. The answer? I can’t say! There was no definite time or date. There was no magical moment when I knew I could market my creations. And to be totally transparent with you, I often don’t feel like I’m there yet. But I can tell you what has helped my calligraphy odyssey– practice! And giving myself lots of grace.

Practice, practice, practice!

Since a young age, I’ve been creating. It came in many shapes and forms, such as baking, LEGOS, drawing, but manifested itself in calligraphy as I would doodle the names of Jesus (okay, to be honest, maybe boys names too– I mean, it was middle school) during church services. And it eventually blossomed into real talent.

From doodling in church, to making posters. From making Christmas gifts, to customized signs for friends. From creating wedding invitations for brides, to making community-wide designs and auction items going as high as $450, looking back, I know that progress can only be achieved by practice & patience!

What can you get from Freedom Letters?

Freedom Letters is more than a brand or shop. It started out as a platform to encourage & inspire through blogging, and calligraphy has just recently been added to my mission– so you can take something tangible home to encourage and inspire you always!

If you’re looking for creative encouragement, the Freedom Letters Shop and calligraphy portfolio is where you want to visit.

If you searching for freedom and inspiration, or simply a “you’re-not-alone” kinda testimony, the Freedom Letters Lifestyle Blog is where you need to go.

If you need encouragement, inspiration, and creativity in a community of like-minded people on a daily basis, the Freedom Letters Instagram and my personal Instagram account are a few communities for you would to join!

Get inspired. Be filled up. Stay connected.

And go love like Jesus!


Be the kind of light that makes people squint so hard they can’t see you anymore

– Bob Goff

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