3 Ways to Create a Positive Mindset

Hi! I’m still here! I know I’ve been MIA lately, but I wanted to pop on here + share what God has put on my heart as an introduction to another blog post about productivity and time management (coming soon). So consider this as the preface to a bigger + better blog post ;). The reason behind writing this post is because my new season of life that, although not much different from before, is now much more challenging and there’s more at stake. Long story short, it became apparent to me that I needed to make a change in my mindset and my schedule to be able balance everything I do without letting stress take over. In this post I’m going to give you some ideas on how to change your mindset, and in the “bigger + better” post coming, I’ll give you ideas on improving your productivity and schedule.

As I have observed, the fall season seems to be one of the busiest and craziest seasons of them all— right? The new start to the school year sends everyone running around like a chicken with their head cut off. With all the chaos that comes with this new season, I’ve realized how important it is not to give in to stress + worry to manage your time better. Before moving on, take a moment to read this reminder from the Lord:

“God is faithful, who will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able,

but with the temptation will also make the way of escape, that you may be able to bear it.”

With full time work, college classes, and everything else, I often lapse into self-pity and think, “God, I just can’t do this. This is too much for me.” But He says something different. It’s true, I can’t do this, but God can. And He will not allow me to be driven to the point of breaking. He is stronger than my trials + temptations. If you’d like, take a moment to look up these verses for more encouragement:

Psalm 27:1,Isaiah 41:13, Luke 10:41-42, 1 Peter 5:7, Romans 5:3-5, Philippians 4:13, James 1:2-4.

In the past year, I’ve been amazed at how important it is to know how your mind works. And I don’t mean you need to how your brain functions in sending signals to you limbs to pick up a stick (although, knowing all the anatomy would also be pretty cool). What I mean is that it’s important to be aware of where your thoughts wander and how you view yourself in relationship to God. God doesn’t say you have to perfect and have it all together for Him to use you. You are enough. If He could make the entire universe out of nothing, don’t you think He can use YOU, who He made in the image of Himself? He uses our brokenness for His glory. Realizing that about yourself + about God is very important for success. And by success I don’t mean becoming POTUS or money falling out of the sky in your front yard. (Although, I wouldn’t put that past God. Maybe that is His plan for you). By success, I mean you succeeding in what God has given you now— and how you view your season in life: without grumbling or complaining (Philippians 2:14). Even when you feel like throat punching someone or sleeping for two weeks straight, if you can create a positive mindset that brings positive results, your life will be so much more enjoyable! Success isn’t measured on what you do for a living, but how you’re living it. Instead of falling for stress and worry, surrender to God, give Him he glory, and live a life that exudes joy.

3 Ways to Create a Positive Mindset

Set Your Priorities. If you’re practicing a “balancing-act” like I am, with lots of people and things requiring your attention, you need to prioritize what comes first. I’ve always loved the phrase, “quality over quantity,” but sometimes it’s just not possible to say no to things. But you can decide what you’ll put the most time and effort into. When discerning your priorities, put whatever will help you manage everything else 1st— likeeeeee time with Jesus. I’ve found that if I don’t have time in my Bible first thing in the morning, it effects the rest of my day. I’ve also found that I feel more refreshed when I end my day sitting around the table with my family talking about how our day went. So make your list. Don’t be afraid to put little things in there like “drink water,” or “walk the dog.” You don’t have to make it detailed, just make it concrete. Reference your list throughout the day if need be. Put emphasis on the small things. It might amaze you when you see small actions and choices influencing your day and even your life.

Priorities example (daily): 1. Jesus, reading, + breakfast  2. Audio-book or podcast while getting ready  3. Work  4. School  5. Gym  6. Dinner  7.Family  8. School

Priorities example (general): 1. Jesus  2. Family + relationships  3. Health  4. Job  5. School  6. Business/calligraphy  7. Blog

Mental Reminders. As I said earlier, it’s super important to know how your mind works! For me personally, I mentally (sometimes verbally) remind myself with quotes, verses, phrases, or whatever I know will produce positive thoughts and then results. If you’re more of a visual person, put reminders around your house, or office, or on your phone. Reminders are to help you make a better decision. So create reminders that you know will help you choose the result you need (i.e. joy, motivation, peace, etc.)

Mental Reminder examples: SCHOOL: “Becca, you’re gonna survive. Finish strong. One thing at a time.” WORK: “Choose integrity. Work for the Kingdom. Serve.” ANGER: “Count to 10. A gentle answer turns away wrath, but hard words stir up anger.” STRESS: “I am not in control. Worrying produces nothing.”

Stop being offended. Talk about such a little thing making such a big impact… wow. The fear of offending someone else’s feelings has taken over what we joke about, what we talk about, and even what we believe in. And the line between being offended over facts and being offended over feelings has been blurred to the point that they’re reversed— it’s absolutely crazy! All that to say, it’s so simple not to take offense. Of course this depends on the situation, but really, most of the time it’s over small and insignificant things. Consequently, being offended doesn’t fix anything, and not only affects your day, but others as well. If you’re offended by something or someone, take it up with the Lord and He will show you the way to go. I have no other advice but to seek the Lord about it, and He will show you the next step! So simple, but so hard sometimes! Again, making small decisions to create a positive mindset is what makes the big difference.

I hope some of these ideas helped you! I’m sure there are lots of other ways to improve your mindset, and I think you should go explore them 😉 Be creative. Get a buddy and brainstorm together. Go somewhere quiet and seek God. Ultimately, do what works for you and the Lord— being careful to keep Him as your focus. We’ve all heard the phrase, “don’t do anything you’d regret.” Which is true—but don’t not do something you’d regret not doing later. Live the life God has given you with heart abandoned. Follow His lead and you won’t regret anything!


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